Looking for Marketer / Non-Developer Documentation?

Zaius collects the behaviors your customers and anonymous visitors have with your brand. This data allows us to stitch your customer journey together, perform analytics, and ultimately execute segments and campaigns.

Start by familiarizing yourself with how to use events to capture customer behaviors. We use a number of Special Events to represent interactions involving products and orders.

Events can be tied to particular customers and products. Next, learn how to send Zaius the attributes of your customers and products. And how to extend the default attributes with Custom Fields.

Data Collection


Our Javascript tag provides the easiest way to collect web data in real-time. The tag handles tracking anonymous and known customers and provides Zaius with information on stitching your customer's journey across multiple devices. It is our recommended way to collect website data.

v2 API

Our API is useful for providing real-time data directly from your backend systems. The HTTP API is also a good way to provide historical data.

CSV Upload

Use our CSV Upload functionality for one time and infrequent data imports. This is a simple way to send customers and products to Zaius.